Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thoughts on Random Words, or Yes, My Brain has Melted; Thank You for Asking

I couldn't decide if it was worse not to blog or to subject everyone else to my current state of mind...

I'm sure I'm not the only word-lover who finds herself falling in love with a different word each week. I was very disappointed when it struck me yesterday that I would never be able to refer to myself as "just a bloke who [fill-in the blank]." Never. There is no female equivalent to the word bloke, or if there is, I'm sure it doesn't trip off the tongue so lightly.

Also, I will never be knighted--partially because I'm not male and partially because I'm not British. (Speaking of which, I'm not sure I've ever heard an American say bloke.) But supposing I, oh, suddenly woke up British tomorrow and then happened to do something really noteworthy, the best I could hope for is to be made a dame, which really just sounds like something out of a PI novel (i.e. "Then this dame burst in. I could tell she was trouble from the way she was swinging her Order of the British Empire around"). Not that special. On the positive side, I can't find any evidence that the British actually refer to the bestowing of this honor as being "damed," which is a relief.

P.S. The refuge of the lazy blogger, Wikipedia, informs me that I don't have to wake up British tomorrow to in order to receive an honorary knight-, er, dame-hood.

Also, I may have watched just a little too much of PBS' Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work this week.


  1. "Bloke" is definitely one of those words that an American just couldn't pull off without affecting a British accent.

    P.S. For a moment I thought you were calling Wikipedia "the refuge of the lazy booger". Maybe it's about time I go to bed...

  2. I'm pretty sure I could get away with saying "bloke" long before I could get away with saying "dude." (I have been informed by several friends/family members that I am banned from using the "d-word.")

  3. Apropos of nothing in particular: why is it that my name appears in pink in these comments, while everyone else gets a rust-brown?

    Just curious ...

  4. I haven't been able to figure the pink/brown thing either (I should probably read the directions again), but on my "Bright Copper Kettles, Warm Woolen Mittens" list, things in brown are links I haven't clicked recently.

  5. Ah, that must be it then... my name must be in pink because it links to a site I frequent. It all makes sense now.