Friday, February 13, 2009

Chocolate, Shakespeare, and Other Romantic Miscellany

After yesterday's silliness, I found this much, much funnier Shakespearean parody on Literati World.

On a slightly different note, here are some interesting Valentine's Day gifts (too late, I know, but maybe next year):

All of Shakespeare's sonnets on one page. One-hundred-fifty sonnets. One big, poster-sized page.

Finally, chocolate you can hide on your bookshelves.

The Most Adorable Shakespeare Teddy Bear Possible! Followed by the more-affordable-but-still-charming Shakespeare teddy bear.

Also, I am jealous of the lucky people who live in Columbia, SC and get to eat chocolate at Literary Sweets Cafe. Looks wonderful.

(Note: Images from, PRweb, and WednesdayABC.)


  1. I love this bear!!! Gonna steal him right off the page!:) I don't think chocolate hidden on the bookcase would work in our house...first off all everyone notices a new book...secondly, some people in this house can smell chocolate at 30 yards!

  2. I think the idea in my mind was always having chocolate available when I read, while hiding the severity of my addiction from strangers...