Thursday, January 22, 2009

Library Booksale!

Today was a special event, an event that only comes twice a year: the McCracken County Friends of the Library Book Sale!

I didn't take as many pictures as I thought I would because I was too busy elbowing my way through the crowd.

Here is Saint Paul's fellowship hall at the end of the sale. (To those in the area still hoping to buy books, the sale opens to the general public tomorrow at 9am and closes at 7pm; on Saturday you can shop from 9am to 1pm. As you can see, there's plenty left.)

The family "book cart," second load.

People in line to pay, wondering what I'm taking pictures of.

My haul (minus one book, for a friend). You should have seen the ones that got away! (Lack of shelving kept me from being overly impulsive.) So happy!

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