Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Dickens Google Doodle

I spent far too much time yesterday trying to figure out what each scene in the Google doodle represented. Other bloggers’ interpretations left me spluttering (“That’s not Miss Havisham!”). So these are my guesses:

The first G is probably A Tale of Two Cities with Sydney Carton in Paris (and Lucie in the lower right hand corner?). The first O is the title character from Little Dorrit. The second O is A Christmas Carol with Scrooge appearing below the O searching the gloom of his rooms and Tiny Tim resting on top of the O with his crutch. I submit that the scene above the two Os is also from A Christmas Carol, probably including Scrooge (though it could be Jacob Marley pulled out of chronology) chatting with the Ghost of Christmas Present (note the leaves in his hair and the red/green scheme). The second G gives me pause… Pip and Estella from Great Expectations? Or David and Agnes (or Dora) from David Copperfield? The L is sturdier ground: the Artful Dodger and Oliver from Oliver Twist. I’m not certain, but I suspect the E shows the grandfather and Nell from The Old Curiosity Shop.

What do you think?                           

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