Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bethany ___ Politics with a ___, and then ___, Quickly

Normally, I don't like to touch politics—the same way I don't like to touch rotting zombie flesh. But last night I watched the State of the Union address like the good civic-minded person I pretend to be. (This does eventually have a connection to language; I promise.)

I've watched a fair number of State of the Union addresses, over several administrations. And I find myself wondering, Can we all just agree—not as Republicans or Democrats or too-cool-for-your-party Independents—but as Americans, that State of the Union addresses are boring?

They're basically recap. We're really just watching to see if the President is going to sneak in something awesome (i.e. Our New Inalienable Right to Chocolate) or horrifying (i.e. Selling Idaho to China Will Help Us Balance the Budget). And because all the good TV shows have been postponed.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, do you remember Mad Libs? I sure do. As a kid, I learned the difference between adverbs and adjectives from those crazy fill-in-the-blank stories.

Well, kindly gives us State of the Union Mad Libs. There's more to the article, but the Mad Libs made my night.

(Heads up: The rest of the article contains some swearing—as is typical of articles.)

P.S. Thanks, Caitie, for pointing this out.


  1. Certainly not Idaho! Who's ever heard of Potato Foo Young?

  2. I can understand Idaho. I mean, once you've seen one pair of potato eyes, you've seen them all! LOL. Yes, State of the Union Addresses just means the state of boredom to most of us.

    If I had a mystic remote control that would cause the speaker to say nothing but the truth, I'd turn in for that! Roland

  3. Whoops. I can't even pretend to be civic minded. I wait until it's over and simply read the recap of the recap.

    Idaho... there's an idea.