Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Alphabets Don't Kill People, the Letter K Kills People

I couldn't resist putting up a few more photos from my trip. While in Grand Rapids, I visited the Public Museum, which had made an alphabet scavenger hunt for children out of some of their exhibits.

So, for example, H was a collection of hats from different countries and eras. And K was...

Apparently, they couldn't find any kites, kangaroos, or kumquats.

And here's the sign in front of the exhibit, in case you didn't think they were serious.

I guess I would have been less surprised by "W is for Weapons." After all, when I was young, I was fascinated by our DK book on weapons and armor.

But "K is for Knives and Guns"... that really sounds like something out of a cruder version of an Edward Gorey alphabet, doesn't it? Or a deranged sort of Sesame Street: "Today's murder was brought to you by the number 13 and the letter K!"


  1. Definitely! But there goes any hopes you might have had of writing for Sesame Street!
    Jen B

  2. but "K" is for King... and that is a grand thing in many ways! :)

  3. That's why I spell Caitlin with a C-which everyone knows stands for cookies!